Made with Integrity

ASHR leather jackets are masterfully crafted with an emphasis on sustainability, environmental responsibility and fair, family values.

Gold-rated Tanneries

ASHR leathers are sourced from only the most responsible tanneries in India and Pakistan with the highest possible rating from the Leather Working Group, an international auditor of leather manufacturers that tests for strict compliance of chemical management and environmental practices.

Tanned with Trees

For thousands of years, leather was tanned with vegetable tannins that come from trees, in a process that took months called vegetable-tanning. In fact, the word "tannin" derives from the Old German word "fir" (tree). In an effort to make the tanning process cheaper and faster, 90% of leather on the market today is tanned with chrome instead, which leave behind harmful chemical deposits. ASHR leather is vegetable-tanned only, a natural alternative that helps save the planet.

Cutting Waste

ASHR uses technology to optimize the arrangement of its jackets' pattern pieces across the skin. Cutting the leather with this method helps make sure that every inch of the skin is used, with little left to waste.