A New American Standard

ASHR's mission is to share its family heritage of iconic leather jackets, made from highest quality materials sewn in the USA. Infused with a streamlined, contemporary edge, these leather staples aim to set the new American standard for modern leather streetwear.

High Quality

100% cowhide and lambskin leathers, premium zippers and thoughtful touches, masterfully constructed with an impeccable eye for detail.

Optimal Fit

In the development phase, ASHR patterns undergo countless revisions to achieve the best fit at every size.

Thoughtful Comfort

100% rayon lining. Specially softened wool knit rib collars and waistbands. ASHR takes the extra steps to make sure your jacket feels as good as it looks.

Modern Style

Less is more. ASHR streamlines classic designs, eliminating the fluff to let the materials and construction speak for itself.