The Leather Working Group: Gold Rating

The Leather Working Group is an independent auditor of leather tanneries, providing the international standard for responsible tanning practices. ASHR only partners with leather tanneries that have received a gold rating from LWG, making ASHR's leather the most responsibly tanned 100% leather in the world.

Made in the USA

All ASHR apparel is crafted in the USA, at the family factory in Katonah, NY. At a time when most leather garment manufacturing has been shipped overseas to countries like Indonesia and India, ASHR prides itself in being one of the last leather apparel brands manufacturing in the U.S.


100% Real Full Grain Leather

ASHR leather is premium quality, full grain leather. It is the most outer layer of the hide, just beneath the hair, and thus the most durable and strongest part of the hide. It is considered the highest quality leather you can get. A close look will reveal the depth of its beautiful, natural grain. It will continue to deepen with each wear.